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Sep 12, 2012 5:30pm PDT
the american consulate there. margaret warner begins our coverage. >> warner: u.s. ambassador chris stevens was the first american envoy to die in the line of duty in more than 30 years. he and three other state department officers were killed in the assault tuesday night in benghazi. stevens had been trying to evacuate staffers from the u.s. nsulate when gunmen with automatic weapons and rocket- propelled grenades stormed the lightly guarded compound and set it on fire. the identity of the attackers and their motivations remained murky. but in washington, white house officials said militants tied to al qaeda may have used protests against an anti-islam film as a diversion. this morning, president obama, with secretary of state clinton at his side, praised the slain ambassador. >> it's especially tragic that chris stevens died in benghazi because it is a city that he helped to save. at the height of the libyan revolution, chris led our diplomatic post in benghazi. with characteristic skill, courage and resolve, he built partnerships with libyan revolutionaries and helped them as they planne
Sep 18, 2012 10:00pm PDT
to the consensus with china and negotiate >> warner: amid the tensions u.s. defense secretary leon panetta was in japan yesterday and china today. in japan, he urged caution on both sides. >> it's in everybody's interest, it is in everybody's interest for japan and china to maintain good relations and to find a way to avoid further escalation. >> warner: today after meeting with panetta, china's defense minister refused to rule out any options in dealing with japan >> in the future, we will continue to follow very closely the involvement of the situation with regards to this disputement we reserve the right to further action. that being said we still hope for peaceful and negotiatedded solution to this issue. >> warner: secretary panetta continues his three-day visit to china tomorrow. for morno i'moined douglas paal of the carnegie endowment for international peace. he's a former national security council and state department official specializing in asian affairs. and james fallows, national correspondent for the "atlantic" magazine. he has lived in, and written extensively about, both j
Sep 5, 2012 6:00pm EDT
community will follow this matter by exchanging intelligence information. >> warner: and last weekend, the u.s. military suspended training of 1,000 new recruits to special village-based afghan local police units being tutored by american special forces. u.s. army lieutenant general james terry said today about a quarter of the insider attacks can be blamed on insurgent infiltrators or their sympathizers. the rest he said stem from personal vendettas and cultural miscommunication. >> we also understand that a lot of grievances and dispute resolutions are done, frankly, at the barrel of a gun out there. what we are moving toward and continue to train toward is that you've got to understand the sensitivities out there. >> reporter: though the u.s. is re-vetting all 16,000 afghan local police forces, it's unclear how many of the total 350,000 afghan troops will be re-screened. for more on this, i'm joined by john nagl-- a retired army lieutenant colonel, and veteran of both iraq wars. he's commanded u.s. trainers of both iraqi and afghan forces. and, john nagl, welcome. >> it's good to be back.
Sep 19, 2012 3:00pm PDT
of further sanctions. >> warner: do you think that greater u.s. business investment in burma or, in fact, allowing it to flourish is going to be good for that process? >> we feel as if it's going to have both a positive and a negative impact because we advised that there be certain investments prohibited, particularly the extractive industries which are-- >> warner: such as? >> natural gas, teak, mining and hydropower. most of them are in ethnic minority territories in which conflict has been reaching for decade. and so it has and will continue to exacerbate human rights abuses and conflict if the u.s. doesn't make sure that we-- if we were going to have a net positive impact with our investment as opposed to a net negative we're going to have to monitor and watch and do human rights diligent work on companies that invest in sectors that are known to fuel conflict in burma. >> warner: so the other thing aung san suu kyi said yesterday is the u.s. has to stay engaged on a lot of different fronts. she mentioned rule of law. what more, other than the sanctions debate, can the u.s. do to kee
Sep 7, 2012 5:30pm PDT
the road is, and i don't know where the road is going. >> warner: sounds like you're lost. >> right. >.s. >> warner: do you all remain undecided? >> i'm not they've been asking are you better off now than you were four years ago? i would answer in the affirmative. >> i will be looking at my own sprawls also coupled with i think that the republicans perhaps have a better chance of getting something done, wrong or right. >> i'm still undecide, i think that if anything, what i took away from both of these speeches is giving a good, hard, serious look at the libertarian party. >> i'm definitely still undecide. i guess i was looking for an evolution of the 2008 barack obama. i felt like this was just a beaten and bruised 2008 barack obama. >> so the question in my mind is can i vote for obama? d-- nd that is still a question for me. if i had to vote tomorrow, i'd probably vote for my mom. >> in 2008, my wife and i, we knocked on doors for president obama. she may be knocking on doors but i won't be walking those doors with her. i'm definitely not at that place. >> warner: so are you saying yo
Sep 11, 2012 5:30pm PDT
of specific promise. >> warner: how does the u.s. election calendar play into prime minier netanyahu's calculations here? >> well, i think it plays quite heavily. prime minister netanyahu would never admit that. but we see a line of increasing tension. some of it is deliberately between the israeli government and the american administration. as close as we get to the election. it is clear that the white house asked israel and put quite a lot pressure not to launch a pre-emptive strike at least not before the elections in ord not to create an oil crisis that would damage the obama campaign. on the other hand we know from quite close ties between the republican mitt romney and prime minister netanyahu. i think that netanyahu, close as we get to the elections is harshening its criticism towards the administration. we see some sort of at least... in sort of coordination between the mitt romney campaign and whatetanyahu is doing in israel. >> warner: finally today, there was this, i don't know, a little eruption about whether or not president obama would meet with the prime minister when
Sep 17, 2012 4:30am EDT
canceled event. he will speak before the u.s. chamber of commerce in angeles. virginia senator mark warner m kaine will hit the road of the commonwealth .oday beginning in norfolk both democrats will end the day with a kickoff and dale city and alexandria. tim kaine and george allen will televised first debate on thursday in mclean. >> big news from the national zoo. people have been g for this. the female giant panda gave to her baby panda bear last night. the cub.ave heard a coup it was her second as a result of artificial insemination. we will have more details in a live report coming up in our next hour. >> they only have a 10% chance of conceiving. apple has won another big case t samsung. >> lower manhattan already up to occupy wall street. now. bell >> a big day for the occupy wall street movement. it plans to commemorate its one- anniversary. e at 7:00 a.m. this near the new york stock exchange. nypd has already made dozens of arrests on the weekend. againstase technologyr patented with the international trade commission. this is apple's second u.s. month.ictory in a reorders for t
Sep 4, 2012 4:00pm PDT
amazon signs similar deals with mgm and warner brothers. and as for market, the s and p and dow closed lower but nasdaq was higher after apple helped spark a rebound in shares. your bloomberg silicon valley index closed higher, sales of apple, yahoo and also hewlett-packard pulling index up. and an investment group is buying dick clark productions. the producer behind new year's rocking eve, golden globes and more. gugen him's partners are buying the company from red zone capitol management for an undisclosed price. the company founded by dick clark, who died in april. >> and at bloomberg studios in san francisco, larry, back to you. >> thank you. >> and let's take a look weather now with spencer christian. >> there are storms. >> yes. yes. and there is some subtropical system that's sizzled to the south. this could produce interesting factors here, let's take a look at conditions ahead of possibility of thunderstorms. there is western skies you can see sutro tower is approaching the coast in the city but pushing across the bay yet. there is a radar image of the fog along the coastline
Aug 31, 2012 5:30pm PDT
in guantanamo prison. >> warner: so for instance, if they capture somebody in say afghanistan where the u.s. is still in active theatre, who, and they want to interrogate him, who does the interrogation. >> in that case it's the military. they may go to bagram in cooperation with the afghans. so that's not an issue. but in terms of capturing soone yemin or somalia, that is where the problem lies. and i think what is happening largely is that the yemini government is capturing and interrogating suspects that we're interested in. >> now what has been the reaction in the intelligence community and from the agency. >> you know, a lot of satisfaction expressed. people were very frustrated that these investigations went forward under the obama administration there was a feeling that this stuff had already been investigated. we were acting pursuant to trying to protect the american people so a lot of gratification expressed and no charg filed >> warner: and petraeus gave a statement, did he not. >> it was a carefully considered statement. and panetta was more forward in announcing that no charges
Aug 31, 2012 10:00pm PDT
with the investigation. >> warner: after the fact. >> yeah. >> warner: ken dilanian, from its "los angeles times"s, thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> woodruff: and we come back to politics. last friday, newshour economics correspondent paul solman looked at how mitt romney's policies could affect the economy, as seen by business people in tampa. tonight, he visits the host city for the democratic national convention for some perspective on the president's record. our story is part of paul's ongoing reporting, "making sense of financial news." >> reporter: 575 highway miles due north of tampa, florida, and the republicans-- charlotte, north carolina, a hub of the "new south"-- very new. and in this self-dubbed world center on monday, the democrats will convene. vice president joe biden's first economic advor, jared bernstein, joined us here. so that's where the convention is going to be next week. what's the essence of the democratic economic platform? >> i think the essence is twofold-- first, to build an economy where our businesses and entrepreneurs can grow and flourish, where they have the tools
Sep 21, 2012 2:30pm PDT
of the majors with just 10% -- warner followed, and emi was the smallest of the majors. >> drones were pioneered by the u.s. army initially as a reconnaissance tool and then a way to strike at suspected terrorists without risking the lives of soldiers. >> a much more low-tech version is available to regular consumers, but the fact that it can carry a camera has profound implications, and it is proving controversial. >> this radio-controlled drown has two hd cameras and a range of 50 meters. it comes with a price tag of around 350 euros and is already flying off the shelves of electronics stores. as manufacturer expects around 800 million euros worth of sales by 2020 -- its manufacturer expects. does that mean we will also be able to spy on each other? >> we cannot stop technological progress, but you can regulate it. we have to be fine as a society how far we can go and how far we want to go -- we have to define as a society how far we can go and how far we want to go. >> many people are not happy about their homes being filmed from the air. barbra streisand tried to stop aerial photos of her ho
Sep 13, 2012 7:00pm EDT
the terrorists." 's not chronologically accurate but it's been bouncing around. >> warner: so you're saying the conservative social media pushed back on this one? >> yes, very much so. and the campaign itself, there were no facebook post bus on mitt romney's blog he put a two-sentence statement condemning the obama administration administration for its response saying that it was disgraceful for what he had done. then he's also posted other things on his blog, including positive coverage from the "wall street journal" and an article from liz cheney, the daughter of former vice president dick cheney >> doubling and tripling down. >> warner: now, this is the first time we've seen you on air since the conventions. what was notable about the conventions in terms of the tway campaign sees social media to am ply phi what they were doing. >> well, the democrats, for example, live streamed-- meaning broadcast online-- the whole convention hosted by kal penn, the star of "harold and kumar." republicans put their feed on youtube, so it was a way of providing their followers, their fans an alternative
Sep 5, 2012 6:30pm EDT
convencion. se habla más de mañana que de hoy, los planes han cambiado, barak obama no dará su discuro en el estadio bank of america, sino en arenatime warner se hará historia con el testimonio de joven dreamer. >>inicamos nuestra amplia cobertura. >>contraste del silencio con el estusiasmo que hay aquí en este segundo dia de convencion nacional demócrata >>a los delegados se les ha informdo que barak obama y ahora qué ya está en charlotte, donde ensayará para su discuso del jueves >>algunos simpatizantes también presentes, un poco de decepcion entre ellos, al saber que no ser realizará en el lugar tan amplio. >>ya empezaron a desmantelar el estadio de fútbol que iba a ser el lugar donde se daria el discurso de aceptacion de barak obama >>y con los asientos y preparativos se fueron también las esperanzas de 174 mil personas, entre ellos esta niña >>yo dije qué? y luego me fui por la lluvia >>se consolará con verlo por tv. >>no queremos que la lluvia cancela una conversacion importante para el país >>se realizará en el mismo lugar donde se ha escuchado a los oradores hasta ah
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 86 (some duplicates have been removed)